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Spotted a woman you really think you want to talk to? Think of the following things: 

- If she is hot, a dozen men have already thought so too. 
- They have also tried talking to her, and maybe got her number. 
- They are good-looking men too. 
- How are you different from them? 

1) How do you look!
This doesn't mean how your face looks like, it means: 'how do you look tonight?'
Men usually dress up the same, they don't have much of variations except for colors. A woman can't really be impressed with your clothes, as much she'd be by your watch or shoes and your hair. It's all about what you want to project, your impression should come from your look. 
- If you want to project yourself as belonging from the corporate world, then a Good Suit will do the trick. 
- If you want to be a painter, then have the eye of a painter, and approach her by appreciating her beauty.
P.s.- Don't look like a Goth or a Punk. Wear a nice shirt, trousers, just be carelessly choosy but still appropriate at colors. 

- If you want to be a musician, then of course it depends on your genre. A rockstar's attire is different from the one in Orchestra. 
- If you are a professor, then your look changes to a highbrow, which nearly would resort to a Blazer, a nice shirt, a beard, etc. 
- If you are a college guy, then T-shirts or shirts do the trick. 
- If you're a writer, then an amazing suit with glasses can get you any girl. Don't forget to have a stubble.
How do you approach?  

- Always have a plan, don't just willy-nilly walk up to a girl thinking you can talk. 
- Confidence is the key. Believe that you are what she is made for, and your job is to make her understand that tonight. 
- Start with a brilliant observation that relates with your profession. Why? 
-- Because it distracts the girl from the fact you are hitting on her. 
-- It distracts her from the fact that you are a stranger trying to make conversation with her. 
-- Opening lines that guys use are well-known to women, and might or might not work. 

For example- If you are a painter, use: 
'I am sorry to come up to you and say this, but as I am a Painter, I feel compelled to. From the perspective of beauty and painting, you have the most breath-taking beautiful features. Wish I had the opportunity to paint a face as such!'

Now this is a example. You can be a hair-designer (whatever it is), and comment on her hair.
Or a fashion designer and comment on her dressing sense. All of these things work to start a conversation. 

(to be continued) 


Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

:D Great post, thanks for the advice, you rule, man!

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

hair-designer[whatever it is]... :D ty for advice

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

I'm a MMA fighter. Hit me with your best line hahaha

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

I'm a programmer... I think I'm screwed...

Skitmisn said...Best Blogger Tips

Hey there! I'm an Accountant, looks like you'd need some help with your finances since you've had 10 shots in 1 minute now!

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Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

how to read "to be continued" part

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hey i am an engineer.. can i praise her "machinery"? :P

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Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips


same here lolzz

ffff said...Best Blogger Tips

Yeah..find something for programmer job if you can...we are scrwwed.

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rockstar and also a future engineer!!
What to do?

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i m a porn star..i would like you to take my assets..

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