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In order to do that, you'll have to take the following steps: 

1) Be her best friend. 
Why? You have to be the one who can fill her ears against the guy she likes. You don't want to rely on any of her friends on this particular act.

2) Get a good friend of yours, and tell him to make the girl his sister. 
Girls love having guys not hitting on them and mingle quickly with the ones who give out a vibe of security. What you need in order to win this game is to have power over her; and to do that you need more people around her to be on your side. It's better to have someone put the idea in her mind that you are a great option for a boyfriend.

3) Tempt the guy. 
If he is into her too, then it wouldn't be long when he goes and tells her. Get him against this love - thing. Tell him that it's of no use and relationships are super lame and creepy; that he should get the idea of wooing her out of his head and possibly chase some other girl who he is not romantically linked with. Give him options of girls he should woo.

4) Destroy the guy's chances of wooing her. 
If he doesn't understand and still wants to woo her, then you'll have to take some steps in order to destroy his image in the eyes of the girl. You can do the following things:
- Dig in his past, and find any of the mistakes he had committed related to a girl, or anything embarrassing. Remember that you have to totally destroy his image.
- If he has an ex-girlfriend, pick their story and twist it a little bit and present it in front of the girl. If his ex-girlfriend hates him, just get her on a call with the girl.
- If the above doesn't work, get rumours about him being gay or how he was found naked in a party or how he got arrested once because of stealing; you improvise.
-  If the above doesn't work, get rumours that he wants to woo you (the girl), but is not at all serious; only wants to play around.
- Have a party, get the guy extremely drunk, click some pictures and show the girl that how much he drinks and reflect all the negativity out of it. You can improvise.
- If you have a female friend who can help, tell her to flirt with him; if he gives a response, you use it against him.
- Improvise more methods. 

5) After once you have destroyed his chance, you can easily play your game and woo her. 

(If you have any relationship/ dating problems, post it here and you'd be replied with a detailed answer within 12 hours) 


Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

What to do when a girl reject you?

How to woo Girls said...Best Blogger Tips

The solution has been posted, my friend.

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

this is sad

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

how to get her if she is commited and loves him, and abt to get engaged.... +ve is they r into longdistance reln

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

do not fall for such girls! even if u do succeed, u won't get anything from her... no love no sex just a shoulder to cry on until she finds someone else

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

a gal in my clg hv bf nt in clg, they r in relation frm 4 yrs. bt d boy is like- he don't like her 2 talk wid any other guy, N other shits..
i love dat gal n she was my frnd for 2 yrs bt m ignoring hr frm last 1 yr to change my image..

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

The girl deeply loves his boy friend but she does not talk about him infront of me because she knows that i hate it. so hw should i make her fall for me ????

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

Amen brother.

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

i love this girl , and at some point of time she got attracted to me but at that time i thought i do not like her so thinking about why to hurt her feelings i showed her some attitude ...and now that she is gone i am pretty sure that i am in love with her but the problem is she love someone else and i just know her and nobody else from her friends group because we meet on a networking site and other thing is she live in some other city
i love her a lot and i told her this ,but she said to let go off my feelings

I am willing to wait...she is worth waiting for ..but jus waiting wont yeild any result..
What should i do in this matter ?

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

A lot of the things this says to do to the guy are just plain mean! Don't listen to it. Doing what it says would make you a hypocrite. Sorry but it is true.

shatanjay sudha said...Best Blogger Tips

I luv a girl very much from last 4 years.....every time m thinking about her.....n my best frnd is her boyfriend who knows how much i luv her....she luvs him very much bt the guy is with him selfish motive because she is cute beautiful more than words....and i luv her from our childhood i'm 18 years old and she is 16 years she was my best frnd bt i have done wrong i broke my frndahip to know that she luv her...n i pacth up with my best frnd....

comparison between me and my frnd are... hieght is 5.2 and his hieght is 5.4....
2...he is gud in studies and i'm average in studies....
3...he is from science field and taking coaching of medical from kota..and my luv want to become cardiologist and i'm from commerce feild doing bba n want to become businessman....
4...i'm the king in my village of money and he is not ao gud....
5...m lukin gud have glow on my face bt his dressing style is gud bt dont have glow on his face....
6.....he is doing stunts on bike bt i dont like stunts....
7....he have gud behaviour he is in control of m out of control of angerness....

plz plz tell me how get her impress her how to erase from his mind the name of my frnd....plz rply n my email id is

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

I'm in love with this girl, I think theres a spark.
But here's the thing she's staying loyal to her friend who has a crush on me.
her friend with the crush keeps guilting her into not going for me.
To tell you the truth I could never be with her friend.
what to do cos I'm only in love with one girl ?????
Please help

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

You're not going to win in the long run by making up lies about the other guy. The girl is going to find out eventually and then you'll just look like an ass.

If you can prove you're the better guy without any lies or sabotage then things will go far better for you.

You'd think that'd be obvious...

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

I was in a relationship with a girl for 11 Months but after the 9th month things did not work out well
she broke up with meh n then got comitted with my friend the next week
he broke up with her on the same day
she found another guy who is going yo propose her in the next 2-3 Days
i luv her a lot n i want her back
plzz help!!

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