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Here is an entire script on How to talk to a girl you like for the first time:

Girl: So, what do you do?

: I study in Xyz College

(Expected answer)
You: I need like...mmm... 10 more years to figure that out.
(Smart answer, but it has its flaws. It's like punching yourself; it can make a girl laugh, but if she is a pseudo-intellectual or a careerist, it may seem to her that you are a loser)

You: Ah! No one wants to know that. Tell me about what you do?
(Now that is a perfect distraction technique and a good conversation making move. Always remember, women love talking about themselves, and if you are amusingly listening to them and praising them at their every single word, you are sure to enter in their good books)
Girl: I am currently doing English Honors from Xyz College. (Let's assume)

You: Literature, wow, what, you want to be a writer?
(Every answer you give should have a question and emphatic words like wow, really, awesome to show that you interested and amazed - doesn't matter if you are or not.)

Girl: No, I'll be doing a Mass Communication Course after my graduation... (or blah blah)

 oh, wow, that is really cool. But why didn't you apply for a Mass Communication Course in your Bachelors only?

(Always remember: just simply follow the traces of conversations she is providing you by herself. Never stick to one thing, for example, asking her who is your favorite writer is a very risky question. Although it seems right as she is a studying English Literature, but it doesn't even closely suggest that what she has chosen is something she is fully interested in too; because if she is not, and you ask her this question, that is the end of the conversation you started.)
It could go something like:
You: Who is your favorite writer?

Girl: eh...I don't know. Studies are the last thing I want to talk about right now!


Girl: What about you?
(You don't want to talk about yourself unless you are Bill Gates, or you do life saving work just for kicks; except for these, if you think you are in a good college, or what you are doing is very good; believe me there are thousand of others who are doing better. Talking about yourself is the end of conversation, because when you complete your description, there is hardly any girl who would ask you a question about it. What you have to do is: Give her the effect that you both had a long conversation and still she doesn't know anything about you, while you know everything about her. Make her feel secured. Don't be her friend, but instead be the praising daddy; make her feel like a little kid who needs your appreciation. Rule her with your maturity and your little guidance hiding in the pretension of knowing so much about this world. But still, don't start guiding immediately because it is too soon)

You: Wow! That is very good. At least you know what you want to do with your life. I mean, I meet (emphasize) a lot of people in my life everyday, and I must say, ninety percent of them don't have a clue of what their life is about. I am very impressed by you.

Girl: No! It's not like I have always been sure. I am /have been pretty confused too.
(She will do that, believe me. The moment she accepts you as someone worth talking to and sharing thoughts with, she'll put herself a little down because of your appreciations and accredited personality that you are giving her.)

You: See, you don't underestimate yourself. You think you are normal, just like everyone, but I never said that you are great. But that doesn't make you a loser which most people are! You have to believe that you are unique in your own way, and I'll tell you how: First of all, it is really hard for a person to stand out in my eyes, but you did it in (check your watch or cell phone) ten minutes?
(She can never say that - "who are you, Doctor Phil? How does it even matter if I stood out in your eyes? - because in your graph of being impressed by humans, you just put her pretty high; so she has to believe that you have a great taste in recognizing people because a girl never believes that she is lame. You instantly gain maturity in her eyes without even doing anything but just praising her. Believe me; she can never think of something like - "oh, he must be really lame to think of me as praiseworthy. Of course I know I am very stupid.")

You: Second, you know what you want to do in your life, and it's rare. But of course there is a difference between someone's destiny and a dream job. And we still don't know what your destiny is! (Wink at her) Third, (now start making up facts) the way you carry yourself, they way you talk, it isn't just normal. You can actually scare a person with the amount of confidence you carry in your personality. (OR) look at your awesome hairdo, the complexion of your clothes matching your skin, I mean, I am sorry, but I am trying so hard not to notice such an awesome hairstyle or the amazing combination!
(pick anything, the third point is meant to completely distract her from your previous first and second point to a silent moment in which she is only thinking about your comments and is on cloud number nine)

(If you have any relationship problems or queries, please post here and you'll be replied with a detailed answer)


Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips


Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

i second that... Its just awesome..!!!i second that... Its just awesome..!!!

ted said...Best Blogger Tips

simple just smile her 4-5 days and after that one day just do nothing. (get confused her)

Ishan said...Best Blogger Tips

there's a girl living near my home...i really have a huge crush on her.....i mean she's so freaking pretty and whenever i see her i just can't strike a conversation coz she's always with her friend ....what should i do?
HELP ME !!!!

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

u just strip her in public.....and u'll really get thrown away.....butthis could prove tat u r dangerpus and she ill come befor u and will act as if she loves u......but one disadvantage,ie....her love will not be true love and only ill be forced just keep this way only if u think tat u have onlythis option nleft....try all other WAYS....AND ONLY LAST TRY THIS....K AND AT UR OWN RISK

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

i m looking g.f

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

hi...all..i m single ..and i feel alon myself....i need g.f..


Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

Guys if u ever have broken up after being with your girl( however long or short) remember your feelings for her does not stay forever. U guys broke up because that was the best thing for both of you. The best way to move on is to do things which you have never done. Fr eg: long trips wid ur buddies, excelling in your grades/work place etc.(which u cldnt do whn u wer in a relatnshp. After that u will sense freedom and ull realise how easy is it to move on. If u cnt do something u wished, dnt constantly thk abt it choose something else. But remember guys never sulk over one girl. There are so many others wanting you right now for what you are. U just need to "see". So go out there, mingle with the crowd, take your efforts, opportunity will come to your door. Don't worry if your not good looking/ if your worring about your bulbous nose/ skin colour/ or looks in general altogether. LOOKS DNT MATTER! YOUR PERSONALITY DOES! Be happy, smiling and successful in life. RULE 1- "life is not fair accept it". Rule 2- "We all are born alone, n will die alone" Rule 3- "If a girl rejects you read rule 1 and try another girl" Rule 4- "U will only get a girl of you try, so dnt leave it on faith thinking she will knock on your door 1 day". Rule 6- "There is no rush, only date/hunt when your heart says that you are ready" Rule 7- "Be honest to yourself, do your homework and dont waste your time thinking about yourself and sulking over ur negetives work on your positives".
OK guys hope u felt better after reading this., remember life is unfair for all. There are ppl dying in diesease in hospitals, some dnt have legs/hands, some dnt have money, many are raped everyday, children are killing themselves..etc. Guys no matter what category you fall in we all have the rights to live an let live. So choose peace. Its only a matter of few years in this earth. Make full use of it. Dnt exploit it. Thnx. Those who like to contact me for moral support pls email me here-

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

I see this girl at workplace but I am unable to strike a conversation what to do ?

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

guys, there's a girl who is freaking pretty in my college and she don't even recognize me. lets just say its a love at first sight. I asked with her friends about her behavior and characters. she dont even come out of the class on break time.Can u plz help me what should i do in such situation. how do i get my conversation started?

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

just be cool and feel relax and just go talk to her.......!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

just go n smooch her

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

I have trouble talking to women in general, any advice? My brain just freezes can somebody help me out because high school is almost over and I have never even talked to a girl.

How to woo Girls! said...Best Blogger Tips

Dude, just search your problem by typing it in the search bar.
Articles on how to talk to women because you are scared have already been written, with great details.

I am unable to speak in front of Gorgeous Women. What should I do?

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips


sTEp tO FLY>>>>>>..... said...Best Blogger Tips

I like my brother's sister in law and she is coming next week in her sister wedding for one day plzzz tell me how to get her

sTEp tO FLY>>>>>>..... said...Best Blogger Tips

Plzz help me dude
My prblm was written in uppar comment

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

i like a gal, recently i sent her a friend request , she accepted it, infact we both like study in same class, but she doesn't knew ma name,so she donno i'm her classmate , so can you suggest me how to approach her on fb??

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

first rule b confident.
second b polite.
third b dashing.
if u follow the triology the girl is half urs;-)
and now for the second half let me know when u follow and succeed in these.
bst wishes:-)

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

Dude I hv my brother's wife little sister no. And I want her to be mine
Plz help me what shuld I do,do I sms her or chat facebook
And how to get her without troubling my brother and his wife relationship plzz sir help me,out

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

dude i have in my uni a beautiful dirl who always look at me but i think that she have a boyfriend but im not sure so how can i know that she like me and how can i talk with her if she have a boyfriend or not help thnk u :)

this is my email

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

hey man how are u i like a women that she is married and she is very sexy i know that she betray her husband that what peaople said but i want her to be marvel with me how can i make that ???
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