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It's clearly one of the biggest problems that people are facing nowadays: distance. Speaking broadly, a relationship can be of two types:
- When you are having fun and there is nothing serious.
- When strong feelings are involved and separation can be pretty heart-breaking.

Distance nearly breaks both the things, the first breaks just when the word comes up. For example, if a girl says she is moving to another country, or city because she has to go to new College now, the guy immediately in his mind starts thinking it's over.
In the second 'more serious' type of relationship, distance becomes a huge problem.
- There is insecurity.
- There is no making out.
- There are no dinners or movies or hanging out.
- All you get to hear is the voice.
- Plus there are new guys in her life who won't understand or care that she is with you.

There are all sorts of problems, PLUS guys have their ego which they cannot settle, for example if she talks about her new guy friends, the guy will be fuming with rage. So in the midst of such self-destructive rage, how do you still have the girl completely mad for you?

The number of options can be:

- Either you are the best guy in the planet. What you do is something no other guy can level with, and therefore, she can never think of leaving you for anyone else. For example: You play with Metallica or You've just won a Nobel Prize.
If that is the case, then you are good to go, but if it isn't, in a very realistic sense you have to understand some facts:
- THERE IS NO TRUE LOVE. STOP BELIEVING IN THE LOVE YOU SHARE AND LEAVE HER TO DO WHATEVER SHE WANTS TO BECAUSE YOU TRUST HER BLINDLY. Thousands of guys just do the same and get dumped. Just look around, you'll find tonnes of examples.

- I WON'T SUGGEST THAT YOU MOVE TO WHERE SHE IS GOING. THAT IS JUST A LOSER'S MOVE, except if you have a job/ college/ or some work in the same place too.
P.s. - It totally depends upon the chick if she wants to be wooed or not; your staying with her doesn't change a thing.

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Ashu said...Best Blogger Tips

Hey writer.. I know this is completely different frm the theme of the blog but still.., can u pls post some tips n tricks on how to avoid/ alienate girls ?

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

my ldr love is notta shit its a ship relation ship. i hope you understand and please never post such a stupid sort of thing. thanks ;)

Akki said...Best Blogger Tips

BULL SHIT...I'm in a long-term relationship for past 1 and half years... I understand at times I feel like we should be at the same place and be together, however, what you've concluded in BOLDS is absolutely a disgrace. My partner and I are still deeply, madly in love. We both miss each other a lot. It all depends upon the level of understanding and the respect that you've. If you've the TRUST, you can still give it a shot if your mind and heart says it. I, once, went practical and we decided to stop talking and lost her. No calls for 2 months, but suddenly, got a call one day and realized that we did the wrong thing. I love her and get the same amount of love, infact more in return. Nothing can break us apart!

praneeth said...Best Blogger Tips

Dear akki... I agree with u dat true love is ofcourse true! But it seems ur one of the lucky guys around @ :) N I envy u fr that ! but, since uv such a beautiful relationship, why read these sites ? :D

How to woo Girls! said...Best Blogger Tips


Dude, it's a way of convincing people that there is a threat.
It's only a way to bring people to being cautious so they don't take it easily.

I could have easily removed your comment, but I want to ask you, if you are prosperous with your relationship, then why are you reading this??

Akki said...Best Blogger Tips

@How to woo Girls!

Praneeth - Thanks mate :) Well, I just joined this page on Facebook randomly, just for fun and I enjoy reading anything that's humorous and includes thought processing or some sort of mind games(without hurting anyone).

Akki said...Best Blogger Tips

@How to woo Girls!

You can still remove the comment if you wish. I just expressed myself and that things can be worked out if you've the patience and the courage and most importantly if you respect your relationship.
Now, coming to your ques. Well, as I wrote in my above post that I joined this page randomly. Why I'm reading this? It's only because I wanted to check if you've got some ideas or anything which is different from what I(read we) to maintain or relationship. Obviously, it ain't easy at all and lack of face to face communication crates some pretty issues. But still, I've been able to cope up with them.
Remember - Beneath all the complexities of a relationship, involves a sweet emotion
I love you!

Emraan Gty Khan said...Best Blogger Tips

This is so true....i was in long distance relationship before 2 years...and aftr that she moved to another city..which is so that we talked a bit and whenever she wanted...when i wanted she said i m busy...i had my cousin at that place i asked to look after her..and he told me that there is an another guy entered in her life...i asked her and she said that he i sonly my friend...and when she came back she said that i love somone....that was the worst day of my life.and said that we'll be friend forever.from that day i just dont beleive in long distance relationship and true love...

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