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(relationship problem by abrar.adna***

You've mentioned that she is engaged, and she is very reserved, because of the cultural upbringing.
Things you have to notice:
1) She is engaged to a guy who is 8 years older to her.

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When is the Right Time to ask a Girl out?

(Relationship problem by

Situation: The girl you are interested in has just gotten out of her relationship. You're wondering when the right time to ask her out. 

The things that you have to find out: 

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(Solution to a problem by

The number of factors that commonly influence a girl's choice to pursue a romantic relationship with the opposite sex are: 

- Appearances
- Same Interest
- Fascination/ Amusement
- Personal Gains. 
- Very Good understanding between one another. 
- Some crazy theory of hers. 

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(relationship problem by Jimmy Cargon)

The number of factors that influence your situation are:

- Your dreams.
- Your job
- Your Personal condition
- Financial condition
- Preference 
and so on, depending on people to people.

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